About Us

With less than 5% of fresh produce in grocery stores from Alabama, Grow Alabama is your opportunity to have locally grown vegetables, fruits and eggs delivered to your home, office, or to a central pick-up point near you, from Alabama’s family farms. One taste, and you’ll find there are still farms where the fields are treated with care, not chemicals, and farmers put not pesticides, but their hopes and hearts into their land to grow food that is their pride.

Open your first vegbox, and you’ll feel you’re tasting fresh produce for the first time. Instead of fruits and vegetables that have been picked unripe in California and transported for days, you’re tasting fresh corn, beans, peas, squash that were rippling in sun-drenched rows less than 48 hours ago, and picked by a farmer who had the time to look for the perfect moment of ripeness and flavor.

Grow Alabama is a way to give our community a direct connection to the family farms of Alabama. Members not only buy more nutritious, flavorful food, they keep money from leaving the state, and a rich tradition from vanishing forever. Starting as Mt Laurel Organic Gardens in 1998, Grow Alabama is now the country’s first statewide multi-farm Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, with the best Alabama has to offer.

We strive to use Alabama farmers for all our vegetables, fruits, berries and nuts. To honor our commitments to you, we will supplement when necessary from the closest sustainable sources, until we can grow it ourselves.

Grow Alabama Distribution Center 
2301 Finley Blvd.
Birmingham, AL 35202



Grow Alabama’s offices are east of I-65 on Finley Blvd.

From I-65 take the Finley Blvd. exit and go east about 2 blocks. We are in the McGriff Tire complex on the right.

From the east side of Birmingham take Hwy 280 west directly into Carraway Blvd. to Finley Blvd. and turn left. We are 2 blocks down on the left in the McGriff Tire complex.

From I-20/59 NE of Birmingham take the Carraway Blvd. exit as you come into Birmingham and go north on Carraway Blvd. to Finley Blvd. and turn left. We are 2 blocks down on the left in the McGriff Tire complex.


2 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Janet Atha said:

    Hi guys,

    My family is interested in buying our produce from you. Could you tell me the different costs of the boxes, please?


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