Serves 4 to 6 

  • 1/2 medium head cabbage, sliced & julienned
  • 2 scallions, julienne (lengthwise)
  • 1 slice ginger, julienne
  • 1/2 lb lean pork, julienne
  • 4 dried black mushrooms
  • 2 tbs golden lilies
  • 2 tbs tree fungus (after soaking)
  • 1/4 cup bamboo shoots, julienne
  • 6 water chestnuts, julienne
  • 4 eggs, slightly beaten
  • 4 tbs soy sauce
  • 6 tbs canola or peanut oil
  • 1/2 tsp cornstarch
  • 1 tbs sherry
  • 1/2 tsp sugar
  • 1/2 tsp kosher salt
  • 3 tbs hoisin sauce
  • 16 Mandarin crepes, recipe follows
Combine the 2 Tbsp soy sauce, 2 Tbsp rice wine or sake, 1 tsp dark sesame oil and 2 tsp cornstarch in a zip-top plastic bag. Add pork; seal and marinate in refrigerator 1 hour, turning occasionally. Remove pork from bag; discard marinade.

Combine boiling water and dried shiitake mushrooms in a bowl; cover and let stand 20 minutes. Drain; discard mushroom stems, and thinly slice mushroom caps. Combine sliced mushroom caps, green onions, garlic, and ginger in a small bowl; set aside.
Combine boiling water and wood ear mushrooms in a bowl; cover and let stand 20 minutes. Drain; cut mushrooms into thin slices. Set aside.

Combine 3 Tbsp rice wine and next 4 ingredients (3 Tbsp rice wine through black pepper) in a small bowl; stir well with a whisk. Set aside.

Heat 1 1/2 tsp vegetable oil in a wok over medium-high heat. Add pork, and stir-fry 3 minutes. Remove pork from pan.
Add 1 1/2 tsps vegetable oil to pan. Add eggs; stir-fry 30 seconds or until soft-scrambled. Add shiitake mushroom mixture; stir-fry 1 1/2 minutes. Add cabbage stalks; stir-fry 30 seconds. Add the wood ear mushrooms, cabbage leaves, and 2 Tbsp rice wine; stir-fry 1 minute. Add pork and cornstarch mixture; stir-fry 2 minutes or until sauce is thick. Place pork mixture on a platter.

Combine hoisin sauce and 1 Tbsp soy sauce. Spread about 1 1/2 tsps hoisin sauce mixture on uncooked surface of each Mandarin Pancake. Place about 1/2 cup pork mixture onto the pancake and roll the assembled pancake. Serve in the hand.

Mandarin Crepes
    • 2 cups all-purpose flour
    • 3/4 cup boiling water
    • 2 tablespoons sesame oil
Place flour in bowl and make a well in center. Pour in boiling water; stir with wooden spoon until dough looks like lumpy meal. Press into a ball.

Knead dough until smooth and satiny on lightly floured work surface, about 5 minutes. Cover with clean towel and let rest 30 minutes.

Roll dough into 10-inch long log. Cut into 10 equal pieces; keep covered. Cut each piece of dough in half. Roll each half into a ball; flatten slightly. Roll each piece into a 3-inch circle on lightly floured work surface. Brush top of each with a small amount of sesame oil. Stack dough circles together, oil-side in.
Roll the pair together into a 6- to 7-inch circle. Repeat for remaining pieces of dough.

Heat non-stick skillet over medium-low heat. Cook crepes, 1 pair at a time, turning every 30 seconds, until they are flecked with brown and feel dry, 2 to 3 minutes.

Remove from pan and separate into 2 pieces while still hot.
Stack on plate and keep covered while you cook remaining crepes. The crepes freeze well and can be refreshed by steaming.

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